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The 10 Worst Cars Of All Time


9. Reliant Robin

To be fair, we suppose that, at some point, a company somewhere was going to design a car with only three wheels. It just happened to be the Reliant Motor Company in England, which unveiled its three-wheeled Robin in 1973. And while it never caught on as hoped, Reliant did continue manufacturing variations on the three-wheeled Robin for 30 years until 2003. This is due to the fact that the car enjoyed a cult following of sorts among certain British motorists who were willing to look past the car’s instability.

Having only one wheel in the front of the car made it literally tip over when taking a turn at more than 25 miles an hour or on an angle of 45 degrees. Many drivers could be seen on the side of English roads pushing this car right side up again. The Reliant Robin was innovative in other ways too. It was the first car ever made with a completely fiber glass body.




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