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The 10 Worst Cars Of All Time


Not every car that is designed, manufactured and marketed to the public is a winner. In fact, automotive companies are as likely to roll a dud off the assembly line as a success. Whether it is an ugly design, poor engineering or a plain old lemon that turns off consumers, the history of the automobile is littered with some real stinkers over the years. Many of them now infamous and forever burned in the collective memories of the public. Here are 10 of the worst cars ever manufactured and purchased by people.

10. Lincoln Continental Mark IV

When people talk about cars from the 1970s being boats, they are speaking of the Lincoln Continental Mark IV. You still see these cars featured in movies set in the 1970s. Long, slow and completely impractical, this gas guzzler was actually considered a luxury car back in the 1970s, complete with a shag upholstered interior. However, the Lincoln Continental Mark IVs were also known for having frequent mechanical problems and costing a fortune to fill with gas. Over time, the car earned the nickname ‘hunk of junk’ from the public and press. And just imagine trying to parallel park this thing. Yikes!




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