The 10 Most Wanted Cars Of 2016


This year, losing weight is the reigning trend in the car industry. It looks as though shedding pounds and gaining speed were the New Year’s resolutions of each big name car brand this year. While a new car may not mean a new you, it might mean a new driving experience. Major motor companies are stepping up their design game and 2016 is looking to be a stylish year in the car industry. While some cars come with a price tag that breaks the bank, there are others on this most wanted list that come from more affordable brands. Even luxury car brands are bringing down their prices to be more accessible to more drivers.

There are companies you may have never even considered buying from before that were able to make the list after researching and spending the money necessary to make sports car quality vehicles for the everyday driver. They’re following luxury brands when it comes to comfort, style, power and speed and many car enthusiasts have been praising them for it. Better engines, more horsepower, luxury styling, and advanced technology are what’s in this year’s car forecast.

The new year brings many new rides and it was hard to cut it down to just 10. As you’ll notice, most of these cars have a futuristic sports car design(and come with futuristic features as well) and have come a long way from even last year’s models. Whether you’re shopping around for a new ride or you just wanted to know what everyone else is going crazy over, here are 10 of the most wanted cars of 2016.

10. Ferrari F12 TDF 




The TDF in Ferrari F12 TDF stands for Tour De France. No, it’s not meant to reference the well-known long distance bicycle race. Instead, it’s a nod to a famous motor race. The F12 TDF is a diesel derived from the limited edition Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and is Ferrari’s fastest road car ever after the LaFerrai flagship. With a rating of 770 horsepower, the TDF’s 6.3-liter V-12 is the second most powerful natural aspirated engine in production. The TDF also boasts the brand’s first use of rear-wheel steering and has a projected 2.8-second blast from zero to 60 mph. It’s a modern car both in style and technology and features a unique side profile. It’s also 243 pounds lighter than the F12 due to the reduction of glass.


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