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12 Vintage Cars Men Love


Pairing men and cars is not always predictable. Some men like big, hulking trucks while others want to be cruising in a sporty, upscale-looking vehicle. However, men’s appreciation for autos, in general, is a given. Chances are most guys would own a few of their favorites, if they had the extra cash and places to park. Some of the wealthiest celebrities own a stable of cars they never even have the time to drive, yet they keep on buying them for the sheer pleasure of being able to admire and talk about their private collection to other enthusiasts.

The car collections of mega-millionaires almost always include the finest cars ever made, which means the value of many vintage machines continues to skyrocket in price year-after-year. Most men can only dream of tooling down Highway 101 in their own 1966 Cobra. Luckily, some of the coolest in the vintage line were produced in larger quantities, so they are not the priciest. So there is still a glimmer of hope for many of you who would love to think that ownership can be a reality.

Today we’re going to present 12 of the most loved vintage cars that we think you will enjoy.

 12. Lotus Esprit



Introduced as a concept car at the Turin Motor Show in 1972, the Lotus Esprit sports car premiered in 1976 and was made until 2004. It’s sleek lines and design continued to improve over the years, such as in 1987, which is when the Vacuum Assisted Resin Injection process replaced the earlier hand laid technique.

A new Esprit was unveiled at the 2010 Paris Motor Show and the plan to manufacture the car in 2014 was eventually dropped. So the vintage models are even more admired and coveted by their owners.


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