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These Are The World’s Slowest Cars


You know, the cars we all love to laugh at.

There’s always so much discussion about speed. Which supercars are the fastest? Which one(s) set a new Nurburgring record or a new world speed record? But what about cars at the complete opposite end of the spectrum. You know, the ones that are as slow as snails. Well, we figured it was about time they deserved at least some attention. Remember, just because a vehicle is slow doesn’t mean it doesn’t have character. Some of these slow pokes are actually kind of quirky. While they might be better suited for the golf course, they also do a great job of turning heads.

They all have funky offbeat exterior styling that definitely isn’t for everyone, especially those in the US. As, yep you guessed it, all but one of these vehicles aren’t even sold in the US. Bet you want one now!

Peel P50

Not only is the Peel P50 the world’s smallest car it’s also one of the slowest. This three-wheeled microcar was first built from 1962 until 1965 by the Peel Engineering Company, headquartered on the Isle of Man. But it wasn’t until 2010 when it was officially listed as the smallest production car ever made by Guinness World Records following its revival by Peel Engineering Ltd.

Today, power comes from a 49 cc four-stroke engine with a grand total of 3.35 hp. There’s also an all-electric version with 3.08 hp. Zero to 60 mph? Uh, that’s not even possible because its top speed is only 30 mph.


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