20 Strange And Beautiful Motorcycles From Around The World


Let’s just face it – some motorcycle designs are just plain strange. Everyone has their own individual style as far as their own mode of personal transportation goes, so it’s fair to say that a motorcycle rider’s design tastes can vary wildly. This is especially true since motorcycles have been around for way more than a hundred years now in one form or another. I’m certain people living back that far thought that some of those earlier bikes looked strange too.

With so many technological advances existing today, just about anyone can build their own motorcycle. You can make a motorcycle as unique as yourself, using old-school metals or the most advanced resins. You can bend, weld and shape the bike of your dreams, or you can have a manufacturer custom build one for you. But don’t get too upset when someone mentions that your dream bike looks, well, strange. Perhaps they weren’t expecting the Bugs Bunny-shaped rearview mirrors. Or the hairy, blinking taillight.

Whether you’re the Tron-Bike sort or lean more towards a Hamburger Harley, it really makes no difference. In fact, individual choice is the bane of a motorcycle’s existence. From the rearview mirrors that are actually cameras, to messaging taillights, in the end, it’s your individual statement. And believe it or not, that’s a good thing. Strange doesn’t have to mean “bad,” even though in a lot of cases it can mean just that. From the corner bike shop to the other parts of our planet, take a look at 20 strange motorcycles.

20 Johammer Electric Bike – I’ll Pay That Utility Bill

“Strangely unconventional” is how I would describe the Johammer Electric Bike. Nothing here, from the fairing to the front wheel is normal for a motorcycle, even an electric one. It reminds me of a petrified, bugged-eyed horse with a blanket on it. Either way, sites like Tree-Hugger simply love it.

Once you get all charged up, the Johammer is good for 124 miles, which is plenty of range to get most people where they need to be. 

It’s electronically restricted to a top speed of 75 mph, but for most people in this market, that’s just fine. Plus, with its all-aluminum frame and polypropylene body, the Johammer should give you years of pleasure to boot.


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