The 15 Most Ridiculous Cars Ever Built


Concept cars and modified vehicles are wildly popular amongst car aficionados. Every year, millions of people trek to the thousands of car shows around the world to check out the newest, most innovative automobiles. There are always companies trying to push the boundaries of aesthetics, environmental concerns, and technological achievements.

And then there are those few special modelers who craft truly unique, bizarre, and often-ridiculous concept vehicles to show off. Usually built just to garner attention and turn heads, these crazy cars often become the focal point of many showrooms.

When it comes to creating a unique car, the sky is the limit (as many of these designers show) and many of these automobiles could be considered works of art. Sometimes concept cars are built to promote something, such as Oscar Meyer’s Wienermobile, while other times they are just the brainchild of eccentric designers, who build the machines simply because they can, while blatantly disregarding trivialities such as ‘because they should.’ Here are 15 of the most ridiculous concept cars ever built.

15. The High-Heeled Shoe Car



There have been countless inventions that imitate the stiletto/high-heeled shoe shape, from chairs to bikes to lamps, but perhaps one of the strangest iterations is the high-heeled shoe concept car. It is supposed to be built for women, or for men to drive their woman around in, but we still believe a classic Ferrari or Aston Martin might be a little more appealing.

To be honest, the car is really more of a high-heeled three-wheeled motorcycle, as the backend looks to be built out of the rear of a Harley (holding up the “heel”).


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