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The 12 Rarest Cars In The World


11. Packard Panther – $360,000

The Packard Panther was a show car built in 1954 and featured a number of radical designs for the era. Known as a two-seat luxury car that came in a convertible model, the Packard Panther had Clipper taillights, a one-piece fiberglass body, and a removable hard top roof (on one model). Only four Panthers were built, of which two still survive. One of the surviving cars sold at auction in 2006 to an unknown buyer for $360,000. Also named “Daytona,” the Packard Panther was meant to show the automotive world where cars were headed and what the Packard company planned to feature in their upcoming 1955 models. Never put into full production, the Panther remains a very rare automobile to this day.

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