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The 10 Most Overrated Cars on the Market Today


8. Nissan GT-R

The GT-R is the most polarizing of the Nissan models. When first launched in 2007, the GT-R was like nothing else on the road. Its 3.8-liter, twin-turbo V6 engine pushed 480 horsepower, coupled with a superfast dual-clutch gearbox and all-wheel drive. Not bad, right? And all for less than the cost of the aforementioned Porsche 911. Few people would have dared call the Nissan GT-R overrated when it launched. But a decade later and the GT-R has remained largely unchanged. And yet, on today’s market, the car costs 50 percent more than it did originally.
The Nissan GT-R is also regularly criticized for being too heavy and not nearly as nimble as its competitors, which have caught up in recent years.

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7. BMW E30 M3

To say the BMW E30 M3 is overrated is an understatement. This car’s nickname, after all, is “Chariot of the Gods.” Hard to live up to that kind of hype, right? Marketed as a contender for the “perfect car” mantle, the E30 M3 has a lightweight inline-four engine that sends power to the rear wheels through a five-speed manual transmission. And if that weren’t enough, the car has amazing torque and speed. But hype aside, the E30 M3 produces less than 250 horsepower in its most powerful form, which isn’t a lot by today’s standards. Some people still praise the E30 M3 for its performance figures and statistics. But in the grand scheme of things, most hot hatchback cars nowadays would beat it easily in a race. It may be time to rethink just how great the BMW E30 M3 really is.



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