The 11 Most Outrageous Car Modifications


9. Snake Bus

If getting the attention of pedestrians and passersby is the goal, then this snake bus wins—hands down. An advertisement for the snake exhibit at a local zoo, this bus gets points for execution and style. A Boa Constrictor crushing a bus. How cool is that? And who could pass this bus without taking a second look? Not many people who have their sight intact, we would venture to guess. We would love to know how long this mod took and who the artist is that is responsible for it. Whatever the zoo in question paid for this bit of advertising ingenuity, it was certainly worth it.

8. Gold Camaro

For a lot of mod enthusiasts, bigger is truly better. And here is the perfect example. Check out this gold-colored Camaro that has enormous wheels complete with gold-colored rims. This type of modification is known to produce a “donk car,” which is the term for cramming the biggest possible wheels into the wheel wells of a car. In the case of this Camaro, you’re looking at 30-inch forged wheels. The gold coloring sets the whole thing off and makes the car truly stand out and “pop.” Donk car lovers everywhere should be proud of this creation.


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