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The 10 Most Influential Cars Of All Time


9. Toyota Prius

Hybrid vehicles are here to stay, and electric powered cars are the future. So the Toyota Prius makes this list for being the very first mass-produced battery-electric vehicle that consumers could purchase and drive. Introduced in 1997, the Toyota Prius was an instant hit with motorists around the world who were keen to save money on gas. In the U.S. alone, Toyota sold more than 200,000 Prius in its first year. That makes the Prius Toyota’s third most popular model in America after the Camry and the Corolla.

In terms of influence, the Prius pushed competing automobile manufacturers to develop their own hybrid vehicles. Now in its third generation, the success of the Prius has spawned a variety of other models. Buyers can choose from a smaller version, the Prius C, or a larger model in the Prius V. But it was the original Prius model that ushered in the era of the hybrid vehicle and paved the way for the future of electric cars.




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