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The 10 most futuristic concept cars in the world


Cars of the future could be more high-tech than most homes.
That’s at least what we’re gathering from the futuristic concept cars automakers have been building.
We rounded up the most tech-savvy cars we could find and what it means for the future of driving.

Even though most of us can’t afford such incredible automobiles, we still appreciate their exquisite design, if they would be built, we would consider it as being a leap forward in car making.

Here are 10 of the most futuristic concept cars of the future. See the photos and read about some best new future cars, concept cars, and other upcoming vehicles.

1. The Rolls-Royce Vision 100 concept car looks like something straight out of Tron.


Rob Ludacer

Since the car is designed to be completely autonomous, there is no front seat or access to a steering wheel.

Instead, the back seat has a luxurious, silk sofa that can fit two people comfortably.



A giant, OLED TV takes up the opposite side of the wall the car.


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