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The Top 10 Dumbest Cars Of All Time


9. Chevy SSR


The Chevy SSR answered the question no one ever asked. Who needs a retractable hardtop convertible roadster/pickup?

The SSR, which stands for Super Sport Roadster, adopted a retro look with bubbly fenders, small windows and a big V-8.

Ultimately, General Motors got the answer to its question: About 25,000 people. It was discontinued in 2006.

Why It’s so dumb: The was never any business case for this vehicle. It was an outlandish vehicle idea approved by then-CEO G. Richard Wagoner Jr. so that he could make its announcement at an industry conference not long after he took the CEO’s office. It was meant to show he could takes risks and think out of the box. This thing should have stayed in the box.


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