Consumer Reports’ 10 Best Cars Of 2016


Consumer Reports has released its annual list of their favorite 2016 model year vehicles. While these cars fall into several different categories, the magazine determines which are the best based on how they excel in extensive tests, as well as how they rank in reliability, safety and owner satisfaction. So whether you’re shopping for a compact car or a pickup truck, Consumer Reports has provided some generous food for thought with their 10 top picks for the year.

Honda Fit – Best Subcompact Car

Overall Score: 67

A popular choice for first time car buyers, the subcompact Fit has excellent fuel economy (33 mpg), nimble handling and a spacious interior that make it convenient for holding cargo. While road noise and a rough ride may fatigue passengers on long trips, satisfaction among owners is high. The Fit also comes standard-equipped with a rear-view camera, and crash-test scores of the vehicle have improved over the previous model.



Subaru Impreza – Best Compact Car

Overall Score: 77-79

An all-around practical vehicle, the Impreza boasts a roomy interior with sizeable windows. The vehicle comes standard with all-wheel drive, in addition to many other available safety features and excellent crash-test results. The Impreza is also available in a hatchback model for those who need the flexibility to haul larger cargo.2016-subaru-impreza-sedan_100529161_h-730x520


Toyota Camry – Best Midsized Car

Overall Score: 83-84

The Camry has a longstanding reputation for its reliability and practicality, and the 2016 model is no different. The vehicle’s cabin is quiet and spacious with great road visibility all around, while the powertrain is smooth which makes for easy handling and a comfortable ride. The Camry is also available in a Hybrid model for those who are seeking great fuel economy.



Subaru Forester – Best Small SUV

Overall Score: 83

The second Subaru to make the list, the Forester has plenty to offer, including great handling, a comfortable ride and excellent fuel economy. With strong crash-test scores and “the best sight lines from the driver’s seat of any model on the market,” the Forester can certainly be considered a safe purchase.



Lexus RX – Best Luxury SUV

Overall Score: 78-81

The RX is ready to stand out among its competitors in the luxury SUV market with its edgy redesigned appearance that includes origami styling and a “Predator” grille. But rest-assured that its tough new exterior doesn’t take away from the features that have defined this model for many years, like a quiet and comfortable ride, smooth power delivery and a nicely detailed fit and finish. The RX is also available as a Hybrid, which boasts an impressive 29 mpg.



Mazda MX-5 Miata – Best Sports Car Under $40K

Overall Score: 79

Mazda’s “Zoom Zoom” slogan certainly applies to the newest MX-5 Miata, which has a peppy engine and excellent handling along with impressive fuel economy (34 mpg). While its firm suspension and road noise aren’t ideal for getting to and from work, this car is reliable and fun, with a soft top that is easy to stow away on sunny days that are perfect for a cruise.



Chevrolet Impala – Best Large Car

Overall Score: 81

Chevrolet has redefined its Impala with the 2016 model, which had a cushy cabin that can comfortably fit five, while also offering a smooth ride and responsive handling. This, along with an intuitive infotainment system and easy-to-use controls, make the Impala an all-around impressive vehicle.



Kia Sorento – Best Midsized SUV

Overall Score: 84

The recently redesigned Sorento is a class above. While it is slightly small than other vehicles in its class, the Sorento provides an elegant and spacious interior, cushy suspension and a 290-horsepower V6 engine that achieves competitive fuel economy. All of this, combined with an affordable price tag, make it the “new king of the category.”

All-new 2016 Sorento 3.3-liter V6 SXL
All-new 2016 Sorento 3.3-liter V6 SXL

Ford F-150 – Best Pickup Truck

Overall Score: 76-77

The 2016 F-150 has abandoned traditional steel body panels in favor of a new aluminum construction that creates a lighter vehicle that is both fast and fuel efficient. And the interior is equally impressive, with large windows and plenty of leg room in addition to an updated MyFord Touch infotainment system. With excellent crash-test results and the best predicted reliability among its domestic truck competitors, the F-150 is likely to retain its best selling status for many years to come.



Toyota Sienna – Best Minivan

Overall Score: 78-80

The Sienna is as reliable and practical as minivans come. With available seating for up to eight people, it boasts a roomy interior that can be adjusted to meet a family’s needs. The Sienna also has a smooth ride and peppy powertain, and is available with four-wheel drive capabilities. What more could you need in a family hauler?