15 Concept Cars That Will Make A Car Lover Drool


Some people think “If you’ve seen one car, you’ve seen them all.” However, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, there are a lot of cars that have been and stayed concepts and have likely never reached your eyes. Even as a car enthusiast, you’re probably not up to date on all concept cars made within the last decade. There are cars that you could not have imagined(and cars that you have imagined but never thought possible) that have been turned into completely functional vehicles.

Shapeshifting, floating, and life-size Hot Wheels cars are all on this list. Breaking boundaries(and banks) are these kinds jaw-dropping concepts. Some of what’s on here are new and some date back to as far as 1975. Even the older ones look as though they’ve time traveled from the future. If you love cars and like to know what’s new then you’ll love learning about what’s only in the design and idea phases. We have seen some in production, but those are usually rare and expensive. Elegant designs, sleek lines, and exclusive features all make us feel like there’s no way these cars can be a reality. Unfortunately, some of these haven’t gone past the concept phase, but fingers crossed everybody.

From futuristic designs and even features that hint to the past, here’s a list of the coolest concept cars you’ve likely never seen before. To think some people feel like there’s nothing they haven’t seen in a car. What a concept.

15. Aston Martin AMV10



While the Vanquish concept has come a long way since its AMV8 origins, this concept car designed by Sabino Design still impresses.The car was in part inspired by the Jaguar XJ 220 which explains the layout(one that features a central engine) which is nothing like the AMV 8. This car features a V10 engine(with 700 hp) which had never been used by Aston before. The year 2013 marked a century of Aston Martin and so the Vanquish was born. The recent 2015 Vanquish(AMV12) is equipped with an AM29 V12 engine, the most powerful GT production engine ever used by Aston Martin. The 658 hp car that reaches 201 mph and can go from zero to sixty in 3.6 seconds is described as a “Super Grand Tourer.”


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