The 12 Best Classic Motorcycles


Cars aren’t the only classic vehicles. Over the years, there have been a good number of classic motorcycles produced that are revered by automotive enthusiasts around the world. These include legendary bikes produced by some of the top manufacturers in the business such as Harley-Davidson, BMW and Honda. Many of these motorcycles can be found in museums around the world or in the personal collections of the super rich and wealthy admirers. Here’s a list of the 12 best classic motorcycles.

12. Royal Enfield Bullet

The Royal Enfield Bullet is one of the most popular motorcycles of all time. Just saying its name is enough to make some people salivate. The motorcycle also lays claim to a special record. It has the longest continuous production run of any motorcycle in history. Versions of the Royal Enfield Bullet have been produced since 1948. However, the version that most collectors want to get their hands on is the very first Bullet that was made in 1931. This original model features a 350cc four stroke engine, as well as a cool chrome finish. The Royal Enfield Bullet’s popularity has been helped by the fact that the motorcycle has been featured in dozens of movies, notably Friday the 13th and Big Fish.




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