20 Cars With The Slickest Interiors


19 Lexus RX350

Finally, Lexus steps up and into a daring, more fashionable design language for its 20-year-old RX model. The compact SUV is now in its fourth generation as of 2015, and it’s almost unrecognizable from earlier years. While the changes on the exterior are well understood, what’s inside is equally drastic in terms of Lexus’ more conservative approach to design.

Sure, the cabin retains is plush origins and rich-looking demeanor, but it does so with more variety in terms of trim options.

Pictured here is the F-Sport option, which shows off its sportier red interior, a 12.3-inch infotainment display, and a 12-speaker sound system. Also important to note is that Lexus’ safety and driver-assisted features come standard. That’s great news, considering the competition charges a hefty premium for those features.


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