20 Cars With The Slickest Interiors


Vehicle design has evolved over the generations, going from more conservative and squarer lines to sleeker and often more risqué styling. While a manufacturer’s primary focus is on the exterior body, given it’s what first entices customers, the interior is quickly becoming a more important piece of the pie.

Given the high-end technology, luxury, and comfort demands of the marketplace, manufacturers are constantly looking to one-up another to stand out. Taking into consideration the advent of semi-autonomous features in an upcoming self-driving era, customers will only get more interested in feeling at home behind the wheel. They will, after all. have more time to familiarize themselves with their surroundings, seeing as how the car will take care of the driving.

Important to note is that competition is extremely fierce, from the lower end of the scale to luxury brands all having access to technology that continues to get cheaper. It’s important that ergonomics, design, and convenience are all taken into consideration to accommodate all these bells and whistles. Just some of the things that keep internal design engineers up at night are using real estate wisely to retrofit demands for larger infotainment screens, finding the right materials to accentuate the dashboard without adding unnecessary weight, and getting that perfect balance between front-seat and back-seat passenger amenities, to name a few.

Here are 20 cars where manufacturers have asked those very questions and applied principles resulting in seriously slick interiors.

20 Land Rover Range Rover Velar

Planted firmly between the larger Range Rover Sport and the smaller Evoque is the all-new Range Rover Velar. Introduced in 2017 as a compact luxury crossover, the Velar is everything you’d expect from the brand: sophisticated, gorgeous, and powerful all rolled into one nice package.

The interior of the Velar is no different. For a $50,900 starting price, it features dual 10-inch screen infotainment systems, a trim made from elegant yet sustainable materials, and a crisp-looking digital gauge cluster. What’s most impressive is how the Velar eradicates almost all physical switch-gear from the front center stack, which isn’t something you find in the competition.


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