The 10 Best Cars Under $30,000


The average price of a car in North America is $30,000. That’s a big chunk of change for a car, and many people spend considerably more on their ride. However, there are plenty of very good cars that can be purchased for well under $30,000. And we’re talking about new cars for less than $30,000. Many of these more affordable automobiles offer style, comfort and power. Just because you don’t break the bank on your car doesn’t mean you’re not driving a quality vehicle. Here’s a list of the 10 best cars you can buy for well under $30,000.

10. Ford Focus – $23,000

Ford has come a long way in the last decade and today is an innovative car company that produces quality vehicles. They have a number of neat features on their cars, including parking assist, a foot activated trunk opener and built-in GPS. And many of their vehicles provide powerful speeds, torque and superior handling. This is certainly true of the peppy Ford Focus, which is a great car that is affordable at a base price of $23,000. Also available in a hatchback model, the Ford Focus is a compact car with a big engine, providing 252 horsepower. This is a great car for commuting or getting around the city. And with so many impressive features in the standard package, it is hard not to love the Ford Focus.

9. Chevrolet Sonic – $15,000

Like the Ford Focus, the Chevy Sonic is a small car that packs power and is actually fun to drive. And a new Sonic can be had for about $15,000. With fold down backseats, 4G LTE WiFi included as standard, and award winning safety features that include 10 airbags, it is easy to see why automotive critics have been singing the praises of the Chevy Sonic. Also available in a racing package for under $20,000 that includes a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine, six-speed manual transmission, aluminum sport pedals and lower suspension. This is one car that has a kick to it. Plus, it has cool technology such as forward collision alert, lane departure warning and rear vision camera. Definitely worth a look.


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