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Top 10 Best Cars For Uber Drivers


In case you’re looking for a list of the best cars for Uber drivers, or you’re just simply browsing for a new one, then we’ve got you covered!

Nowadays, when you can even make money in your free time by just driving, then your own car is your own “gold mine”. But in order to be more successful, you need to invest a bit more time and money to upgrade it. But there are hundreds to choose from, it sure is difficult to pick the decent one. Something manageable, not too pricey, fuel-economy, roomy, safe, comfortable and tip-guarantee. Are there really any options that can satisfy that much needs? Out of all the variables, we’ve come up with a top ten vehicles that are the most suitable for an Uber driver.

10. Mazda CX-5


This one is spacious, comfortable, refined and light on fuel at 28 mpg in front-drive trims. There’s 30.9 cubic feet of space behind the rear seats, and there’s a diesel model coming that will bump the fuel economy to even more impressive figures. Although it doesn’t qualify for the list of Uber Black vehicles, it does still feel and look premium enough to almost guarantee you high tips when you arrive for a pick-up in the luxurious CX-5.

9. Honda Odyssey


Don’t forget Uber also has UberXL for extra seats, while most people usually need an UberX only. The Honda Odyssey has space for up to 8 occupants in a multi-way configurable cabin, combined with The 280-horsepower V6 to make sure that even a fully loaded UberXL it would still run smooth and steady, but EPA-rated economy figures of a combined 22 mpg aren’t so expensive either considering all the extra passengers you can take. This one has 5/5 rating from JD Power’s dependability study, consider it’s the best UberXL vehicle to own.

8. Hyundai Tucson


For starters, it’s got plenty of space for both passengers and luggage and it’s also relatively competent, at a combined 27 mpg for the front-wheel-drive model. The high ride height and available all-wheel drive also ensures that severe weather doesn’t prevent you from price increases or cashing in – and there’s the visual impression of capability which will reassure your occupants when you arrive in the rain in your SUV. Hyundai totally has carved out a reputation for making inexpensive, reliable vehicles with decent performance and interiors, the Tucson is one such thing.

7. Toyota Corolla