10 Best Cars For Dog Owners


Because the love of cars shouldn’t be limited just to us two-legged folk

Being a gearhead isn’t something you can limit to just men or women, kids or adults, or even human beings. Our furry friends love cars too, though not quite in the same way as we do. For our canine counterparts they’re a means of getting to the park for a walk, or going out on some adventure on the weekends. So in the world of cars and canines, which are the best cars for dogs? We found ten vehicles we feel are best suited for dogs and their owners, and the many excursions they might go on together.These are the best of the best for the barking mad.

Chrysler Pacifica

What’s a mommy-wagon doing on here? Simple – space and easy access are two prime needs for a dog carrying vehicle, two things the Pacifica has in abundance. Fido can hop in easily either through the rear tailgate or through the side doors that slide open to avoid the potential for mishaps such as slammed doors on tails or overexcited pooches crashing into arm rests. Also to the Pacifica’s credit is the low floor – much lower than the standard SUV height, to make it easier for smaller dogs, or less effort for larger ones to get in and out. There’s even a hybrid version if you feel like saving gas and the environment on your way to puppy classes.

Honda CR-V

When it comes to dog-friendly rides, lots of cargo space and a flat floor are must haves. The Honda CR-V delivers with 75.8 cubic feet of cargo volume and a flat trunk – but more than this it offers one of the lowest load floors in class, making it easy for ingress and egress of your four legged friend. It’s also safe, offers a capable, but refined ride quality, and is relatively efficient so you can spend the extra money on dog toys rather than gas.


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