15 Beautiful Cars Ruined By Douchebags


For many automotive enthusiasts, racing, mudding, and customizing their cars by any means is something pursued in an effort to stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, the results, whether intentional or not, happen where the rubber meets the road each and every day. Thank heaven some of these poor decisions can be entertaining. Especially the mishaps that involve a terribly customized car, or watching one vanish into the shadows on a tow hook for us all to enjoy. It’s easy to find yourself laughing, pointing at the car that once was one of the world’s most coveted vehicles. You might ask yourself, “What in the hell was that person thinking?” Whether these people were thinking at all is debatable.

Vehicles often represent the second biggest purchase we make in our lifetime. That’s why it’s amusing to see some of these wealthy Richards mess up their vehicles with questionable custom paint choices and modifications. Others stroll away from their wrecked exotic cars as if they were meant to be parked in a lake! To be fair, some of those accidents are just that, accidents. We all make mistakes even if whatever we did seemed like a good idea at the time. However, that doesn’t make their stories any less interesting to read. Some of these pictures are examples of idiocy in its most blatant form. See for yourself. Surely, at least one of these fifteen will put a smile on your face.

15. Vintage Pickup Truck

Restored vintage Ford and Chevrolet pickup trucks are popular vehicles for all the right reasons at any local car show. So when stumbling across this picture of a purple vintage pickup truck, I figured it would make a good candidate for this list. What looks like a two-tone white and flat purple paint job turned out as nasty as the idea itself. The owner of the truck also slammed it to the ground for that rat rod look. Adding some white-wall tires to finish off his dream that, in reality, turned into a modified nightmare. Apparently, that evening, the owner was sound asleep, dreaming about Barney the purple dinosaur and what kind of truck he’d drive.


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