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20 American Cars No One Should Ever Buy…Because They’re Bad


19 Ford C-Max Hybrid

American consumers may not realize that Ford’s C-Max line of modified Focus hatchbacks has been sold in Europe since 2003. But in end, Americans should probably be happy about that fact, since even when Ford introduced the C-Max in Hybrid and Energi (or plug-in hybrid) form in the United States for 2012, the car proved ridiculous terrible. Ford’s goal was to offer the most affordable hybrid car available on the market, and while the price certainly was low, the C-Max Hybrid was truly just cheap. The car’s fuel efficiency actually led to a class action suit, because Ford drastically overrated the car’s MPGs and range on the car’s window sticker and in advertisements. The C-Max Hybrid was so bad, even with the growing hybrid market, production ended in 2018.

Car and Driver ridiculed the C-Max Hybrid and Energi models efficiency and driving characteristics, saying, “A 2.0-liter four, an AC electric motor, and a CVT combine for 188 hp; in our testing, the C-Max hybrid and the plug-in C-Max Energi each got only 33 MPGe on the highway. If a hybrid can’t top a gas-powered opponent’s fuel economy, then why bother? The Energi’s EV-only range of 20 miles is inadequate, too. That the C-Max drives much like a conventional hatchback furthers that point.”


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