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25 Weirdest Things People Actually Did To Their Cars


In all of your years looking at cars and seeing them drive day after day, you may have chanced to see some pretty strange sights but I’m going to guess that most of them are not quite as strange as what I’m going to show you today. I mean…these are some of the weirdest cars. And it’s not so much that they were originally weird cars. Most of these cars started out as normal and even hot cars but someone took it upon themselves to do the weirdest things to them.

For instance, I had never seen a VW Beetle with a gigantic lobster wrapped around it. And I don’t mean as a car wrap…I mean a gigantic model lobster basically hugging the car. Messed up, right? I think so anyway. Or what about having a Dodge Viper and turning it into a stretch convertible? Isn’t the point of the Viper to be fast and sexy? Some people have very strange thought processes.

Either way you look at it, from the very bizarre to the simple “what the heck,” all of the cars below have had some pretty weird things done to them. And I want to share these with you so that you can laugh, of course. But also, so that you can no just how strange the real world is out there. The people who created these oddities really exist…just remember that the next time you want to do some work to your car…

25 Upside Right Side Down

Look carefully before you dismiss this as a simple flipped-over vehicle. This is actually a properly driving car with the facade of a flipped-over pickup. Why it is that someone would do this? I can honestly say I have no bloody idea. Either way though, I bet it really confuses people when the owner of this vehicle drives up to a gas station. People must instantly think there is a problem before they start to laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of this car. And while it is an amusing concept, I can’t help but feel that the person driving this thing would have a pretty difficult time getting around. I mean, the “hood” rises up so high as to give the illusion of the underside of the front end of a truck that it is partially blocking the windshield. So, there isn’t really an ability to see much up close to the front of the car. Also the “steps” to the pickup doors kind of obscure the view on either side of the driver as well. I mean, I can see this being an amusing thing to drive around every so often to weird people out but…I guess it can’t go anywhere when it rains.

24 High Ride Jeep Scissor Lift

Welcome everyone to the wide whacky world of the Jeep Highrider Sport. Yeah, this is a thing. I do not yet understand how it is a thing but there is a Jeep that doubles as a scissor lift. I’m not quite sure how I feel about this. Now, obviously, Jeep did not put out this version of the Highrider Sport to make a killing on the market. Jeep isn’t even responsible for this car. Which I hope you all realized straight away.

However, I have to say that it is wonderfully clever of whoever modified this Jeep to use the Highrider as a basis. It just makes perfect sense since it has become a scissor lift and is now very literally a high rider. 

I think that is pretty hilarious and wonderful. I also happen to think that it is very weird and that whoever did design and modify this Jeep has got some screws loose upstairs. That being said, one can hope that there are no screws loose in this Jeep Highrider Sport. Otherwise, there might be a wee bit of an incident when someone goes to scissor lift the vehicle. Even if this isn’t a practical vehicle by any stretch of the imagination, it’s a very weird concept.

23 The Toy Car

This…this one is just beyond me. This is a functioning car which I have dubbed the toy car. Not because it is itself a toy car but because, as I’m sure you have noticed, it is absolutely littered with toys. It is so covered with toys that the make of the car is added to the grille via magnetic toy lettering and so too is the license plate, which simply says “license” in that same lettering.

I do not know for sure but I am willing to bet that this project took a rather expensive amount of superglue in order to complete. 

And I hate to be the practical mind here when it comes to something so bloody silly and weird but what exactly happens when the toys start to fall off? I mean, that is just a lawsuit waiting to happen, no? I can just imagine one of the pieces of Duplo or one of the many giraffe toys on the car flying off and hitting a nice car behind it. If the person behind can actually read the license plate, there is going to be some trouble. Also, I cannot begin to imagine just how much insurance is for a crazy thing like this. It is a liability on wheels!

22 Half Car, Half Ridiculous

Cars on the table here, I’m not even fully sure what it is that is powering the front end of this “car.” It looks like one of those paint machines that the constructions teams use to mark certain parts of the road but it certainly does not look like the front end of a car no matter what it actually is. And that boggles my mind. I mean, perhaps the owner of this car somehow managed to lose the front end of the car in an accident, or perhaps it was stolen (somehow) or maybe they are just very clever and able to turn half a junkyard car into a functional sort of chariot of sorts with a tiny, tiny motor. That is entirely possible. But even if this is a poor person who is very clever with a junker, it still doesn’t stop the reality of the thing from being completely weird. And hey, if this guy actually gutted and stripped the front end of the car just in order to create this strange contraption, that is many, many times weirder than anything else. If they purposely did this to a car, I cannot begin to imagine how long it took or just what was going through their heads that day…

21 Ruined Paint Job And A Ticket On The Way…

Alright, to be fair here, this isn’t like a sudden hack job or strange modification of the car in any way. But it definitely still happens to be a very weird thing to do to a car. Also, just as a point of duct tape safety, I cannot help but make note that the majority of the duct tape is above the guy who is wrapped up on the back of the van, I think the majority of the tape should be below him in order to fully secure his body.

If the tape below starts to give way, it won’t matter how much tape there is above. But that hardly matters here considering that these people were dumb enough to do this in the first place. 

Either way, there are several reasons why this is a very strange and/or dumb thing to do. The first and foremost reason is the one that has already been mentioned regarding the safety of the human being taped to the back of the van. The second has to do with the unfortunate pain this is likely going to cause to the van. The amount of paint that will likely come off of that van with the amount of duct tape used…it pains me and it’s not even a great van!

20 The Stretch Viper

This actually makes me hurt a little inside…it makes me hurt a lot actually. The Dodge Viper is a sexy car. Or at least it is meant to be. And it’s meant to sound mean and go fast. How in the hell is it supposed to look mean and roar down streets everywhere if it has this strange extension to it? By making a shoddy stretch Viper you actually ruin everything that is meant to be enjoyed when driving a Viper. If I wasn’t such a Mustang fan anyway, this would bring me much closer to tears. But I am still a little misty-eyed for this poor, unfortunate Viper anyway. Also, is the place where this car is driven just perpetually dry? Is there just no chance for rain at all? I understand that the Viper itself will have a cover but what about that stretch section? It doesn’t look like it has a cover or fittings for even if there was one. So what is the party supposed to do when they get soaked in this ridiculous stretch Viper. It actually hurts me to even type those words together. Stretch Viper…Oh, my heart. I just can’t deal with it anymore.

19 PT Cruiser Xenomorph

Alright, I have to be totally honest here when I say that this might have actually made the PT Cruiser way cooler. I mean, the concept of the PT Cruiser was kind of cool. It was meant to hearken back to those classic Cadillacs of old, but its squished body made it something completely different that people ultimately didn’t want to be produced anymore. However, as soon as you add a Xenomorph to the hood of this car, I have to say that it really does something for it. It makes it look mean and it adds a few more inches to the car as well. Now, I think the color of the car is wrong for the design overall but that hardly matters…there is a freaking Xenomorph on the hood! And I am the first one to admit that I absolutely hate spoilers but the one on this car is pretty damn cool. I mean, it flows with the alien design and actually works in some weird way. And given that it is in some weird way we cannot lose sight of the fact that this is still a very weird thing to do to your car…even if it is a PT Loser…pardon me…Cruiser.

18 Pikachu

I do not even know where to begin on this one. I am so bloody tired of the Pokemon craze that I almost didn’t add this car to the list. But it is just such a weird thing to do to your car that I felt like I would be cheating you readers if I didn’t put it in here. Now, where do I begin? Well, first and foremost…this is a Pikachu car.

This design is just begging for people to vandalize it. Now, I’m not condoning vandalizing a Pikachu car. I will not be blamed for inciting any damage to a car like this. But I will say that the owner of this car is sort of asking for it. 

I mean, players of Pokemon GO didn’t think that they’d get mugged by someone who was luring them with the prospect of catching a Pokemon but that really happened. And driving around town in a Pikachu car is going to attract some unwanted attention to say the least. I mean, just look at the Poke-ball hubcaps. Or the spots of blush on the front end (or face) of the car. And the ears! Oh, my. If you look closely, you can even catch a glimpse of the jagged, lightning-bolt-style tail on the ass end of the car.

17 Smart Monster

Hahahahaha! Sorry, I don’t think I’ve ever really typed laughter into an article before but it actually had to happen for this one. I think this is just more pathetic and hilarious than it is weird. I mean, don’t get me wrong here, it is truly weird but it is many, many times more pathetic and laughable than it is weird. First of all, if a car can’t fit a guitar in it, then it isn’t a real car. Second of all, the smart car is meant to be one of those really good, environmentally friendly cars that can fit very nicely on tight city streets.

Adding monster truck wheels to a Smart car is like adding Burger King to a vegan’s tofu and soy meal. You can try and beef it up all you want but it just won’t really work. And the funniest thing about this is that these wheels are hardly actually monster wheels. They just appear that way because the Smart car is such a tiny little guy. Taking that for a spin on a beach like a dune buggy…I actually think that it would ride too high. That being said, I kind of want to see someone flip this monstrosity anyway.

16 The Spoiled Mazda

Alright, alright. This is the simplest thing in the whole article but I still cannot help but find it pretty weird. I mean, this is already not an overwhelmingly impressive Mazda. That’s not to say that it doesn’t drive or handle well or that it isn’t good looking enough but the car did come without a spoiler to begin with. Then to bolt a spoiler of this size to the trunk of the car and never mind the fact that it is so bloody huge that the owner of this unfortunate Mazda had to tie the bloody thing to the car for extra reinforcement, this is just a silly and ridiculous and very weird choice.

You know, there actually is a very simple reason why it is that these pieces of equipment are called spoilers. You know that, right? It is because they very simply spoil the look of the bloody car. This was a perfectly fine Mazda already. There was no need to go out of one’s way to spoil the damn thing with a spoiler that is about half the length of the bloody car! That is just insane. I don’t think anyone can argue with the statement that this car owner is pretty weird.

15 Lobster Beetle

What in the actual eff is wrong with some people? I’m sorry but this is just too much. It is so incredibly weird and I think it must be illegal in some places because the lobster on top of the VW Beetle is big than the bloody Beetle in the first place. I’m sure there is a height restriction or size restriction to what you can throw on top of your car. Especially such an awful car like the VW Beetle. Now look, I know there are at least some of you reading this who are thinking “hey, I love Beetles. They are a cool, hip, and economical car.” Sure, but on the flip side of that, I don’t really care what you think about it. They only thing these cars have been good for historically (besides getting some use during WWII by a certain regime we won’t name here), is allowing me and people the world over to punch their friends whenever one has driven by. Punch Buggy! Slug Bug! And come on now. You know that to be true. And now, to drop a giant lobster onto one of these already unfortunate cars as a means to advertise…come on. Some of the advertising is covered by the lobster anyway and the driver of this car is almost certainly going to crash because he can’t check his blind spots.

14 Leopard Lambo Exhaust

Alright, I’m just going to take a bit of a deep breath here for a second or two before I dive deep into this one. A few things are a bit more than weird with regards to this Lambo. First of all, I can’t help but notice that the whole car is done in leopard print. Which is just stupid. I don’t care who you are or how much money you make. I will never be able to afford a Lambo so I will never have the money to make a mistake like this but I can still clearly tell it’s a silly mistake. And the weird rust color that was chosen for the base color on which the leopard goes is just, well, it’s as I say. Weird.

Then there is the most significant and glaring issue with this car. I direct your attention (if it’s not already been there wondering what the heck is going on) to the exhaust on this car. I would just like to point out here and now that the dual exhaust on that Lambo is taller than me. And it doesn’t even appear to have a brace of any sort. This is a very weird, abstract version of a Lambo, I think. And we can only hope that as the car speeds away, the exhaust pipes just fall off the thing.

13 Jurassic Beads And Stained Glass

I honestly don’t know if this was meant to be a Jurassic Park-themed car or if it was just meant to have a lizard theme of some sort. Either way, it is very confusing and very weird and there is no way that the driver of this car can be at all safe while going from point A to point B. There is no way. I’m willing to bet that the rearview mirrors (which I actually can’t see), provide no visual of what is coming up behind. And I’m sure they can hardly see out the sides of the car, and the vision is certainly obscured at the front. I somehow think that this car should be illegal. For both the look and the safety concerns.

Also, I’m not sure if you can actually tell but if you look pretty closely on this car, each lizard and piece of whatever else this car is supposed to have on it is intricately designed with beads and stained glass. That is definitely not a dangerous thing to have on a car at all. Imagine that glass in an accident. Imagine that glass just falling off when going at speed and puncturing someone else’s tires or chipping a windshield.

12 The Traveling Hot Tub

Ok, while this is not necessarily a bad idea overall, it is still pretty weird and deserves a spot in this article and on this list. This is no ordinary car. As you may have guessed from the entry title, this is actually a mobile hot tub car. Which sounds pretty cool, right? Or pretty hot? Whatever. Either way, this car has been stretched and converted to have a hot tub on the back. Now, that would be pretty cool if you could somehow maneuver this car anywhere to say a lake or something but I don’t expect this car could handle many rough roads so you would have to be careful what place you picked for it to go.

The hot tub isn’t even the weirdest part of this car. 

It’s definitely the coolest part though, so long as it heats up quickly (because I have no idea how they would make the tub functional). The weirdest part of this car is actually the color choice to go along with the new hot tub ass end. It’s like the color scheme came out of a rug from the 70s. Of course, the hot tub idea, parked in a sketchy lot is kind of straight out of the 70s as well, so…

11 The Weirdest Wheels

I cannot understand for the life of me why it is that people feel they have to jack their cars up like this and give themselves the weirdest wheels in the world. I mean, good for them. There isn’t anything to inflate there so they at least get to avoid flat tires. They are about as flat as they are ever going to get already. But how good can the grip on one of those things be?

Imagine driving that around in the winter or even just in the rain and trying to take a turn. 

First of all, I think there is a high possibility of sliding the car into something. But, on top of that, you have to worry about flipping the damn car because of how much higher you have made the thing. And that is all before mentioning just how much uglier you have made the car. I have seen these wheels on all sorts of cars and they always require a huge amount of jacking because they never fit in the wheel wells, and they always make the car they are attached to look absolutely weird and perhaps a little stupid. And I’m sure that there are many readers here who agree.

10 The Biggest Engine

This is just ridiculous. And you bet your butt that it is weird. It is incredibly weird. To the point that I almost don’t know what to say about it. But it’s a good thing I always have something to say about pretty well everything, so here we go. This is just stupid. The guy standing here who presumably owns the car must just be pondering in that moment how it is he is going to drive anywhere now. I’m wondering myself if this whole giant engine block isn’t just made out of foam. But I think it might actually be real due to the incredible amount of weight clearly bearing down on the front wheels (now partially hidden in the wheel wells), clearly flattening against the ground. He’ll be lucky if that tire next to him doesn’t pop and destroy one of his legs.

Now, I do not understand at all just what the purpose of this is. Even if the engine is functional it is in no way practical. I mean, you can’t see at all where you are going. And you’re likely to break the front axle anyway, just trying to move the thing. This is just weird.

9 The Double Jeep Wrangler

The double Jeep Wrangler. This is what happens when you have too much money and too many “regular” cars. This car belongs to a diplomat working in the capital city of Morocco. A place called Rabat. Now, I don’t understand how he is legally allowed to drive this bloody thing since it obviously takes up two lanes but there is plenty of video footage online of this car taking on the road. I mean, most people seem to move out of the way for him. I wouldn’t. I would just go nice and slow while he honked away because he’s the one taking up two bloody lanes.

And what happens when he needs to turn down a side street for a meeting? Does he just force people on the other side of the road to reverse back down the road to let him get his way? 

How does he park this thing at a regular residence? Does he just take up the neighbor’s driveway as well? This guy must be pretty well respected if people still just let him tour around in this very weird choice of car. Let’s be honest, if you really had to put two of the same car together, the Wrangler isn’t probably the best choice. You may as well use a muscle car so you can have a rag top and a party.

8 The Saddest Volkswagen…

A lot of people think that they are really cool when they mess with the camber angle of their wheels. Sure, the reason why some people slightly alter their camber angle is so that the tire hits the pavement in a different way and allows for a different sort of grip and handling. That makes sense if you are actually using the car for racing. But there are some people who just have no clue why they are altering their camber angles other than for the look of it. And a lot of people don’t realize just what can happen to a car if you severely alter that angle. It should be obvious but apparently, it really is not. And that is sad.

So, this poor and unfortunate VW right here has been given the extreme camber angle treatment. You know what sucks about this poor car? It’s the fact that once the car starts driving out of the hangar it’s in, the axles are just going to snap due to the ridiculous pressure on them. Not to mention how much the wheels will rub against and destroy the wheel wells, not to mention that any bump or pebble will ruin the rest of the body on the car because of how low it goes. Weird.

7 The Park Bench…

I cannot even begin to fathom what was going through the mind of the guy driving this car. I almost hope that this whole design was just a practical joke on the guy after he had one hell of a night drinking with his pals. But I have a sneaking suspicion that this is simply not the case. And that makes things so much worse. I’m going to venture a guess that the park bench is some redneck attempt at putting a spoiler on the car for cheap. And I’m thinking that only because it says “Miller Time” on the side of the car. Someone has been drinking a little bit. Then it seems like either felt or some sort of fake golf green has been bolted to the front and top of the car. Everything about this car is odd. The headlights have been clearly knocked out. It says Dodge on the side of the car but that is strange because the car is actually a Buick. And then there are a few other things in there too that are weird but the one that takes the cakes is the fact that the word “MOM” is taped up on the back of the park bench spoiler next to a blow-up doll. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I find that a little more than weird.

6 Plymouth Fury Plow

I’ll be totally honest, I thought that this was a Chevy Bel Air when I first looked at it, but the placard at the bottom of the frame calls this car “Christine On Steroids” which would suggest that it is actually a Plymouth Fury. That being said, even if this car is a Plymouth Fury, it is most certainly not the same year as Christine. For those of you who somehow don’t know who or what Christine is (while hanging out on a car website), she is the infamous car from the Stephen King novel and movie of the same title. But, back to this weird thing as opposed to the weirdness of Stephen King. Bel Air or Fury, or even Belvedere, why in the name of all that is sacred would you even think to jack up the suspension, put some hardcore tires on there and a plow? Are you seriously going to use this classic car as a f*cking winter snow plow? This person should never be allowed to own a nice car ever again. I will say only one thing for them though…at least they color-coordinated the plow with the car…that is the only good thing I’ll say for them.

5 …The Batmobile? 

Well, this is a Ford something. But it is definitely a Ford I would never go out of my way to purchase or even drive. It is also perhaps one of the ugliest cars I’ve looked at in a while. And that includes the one that was torn in half and had only that tiny little engine in the front with handlebar steering. This is just horrid. And you better believe it’s weird. But I’m actually not even sure what the weirdest part of this car is.

I mean, they have some classic Batman stuff on it. They even have the “POW” speech bubbles. That’s kind of cool and very lame. 

It also seems like they might have eyelashes for the car overtop of the headlights. From what I can tell anyway. But then they have the Michelin Man randomly on the side of the car. For no apparent reason. He doesn’t quite fit the theme of the “Batmobile”. This isn’t the Ecto-1. The Michelin Man could pass for the Stay-Puff monster but come on now. Anyway, I think the weirdest thing is that there is a 24 Hour LeMans sticker on the car. Now that is weird. I know this thing did not run the LeMans. So why bother with the suggestion?

4 The Banana-Mobile

This is just ridiculous. Oh, and by the way, this isn’t just some weird car that was created from scratch. This is definitely a weird thing that was done to a car. Or a truck I should actually say. This giant banana that you see right here, this was once a 1993 Ford F-150. So, the most purchased truck on the market became a giant banana. I’m sorry but I’m sure you can’t help but agree that that is at least just a little messed up. I mean, come on. How could you think in your mind something like “hey, you know, I’ve got a great utility vehicle; I can move things from A to B, I can haul things, and I can even take this thing down some pretty fun dirt roads to get to my little cottage in the woods…but maybe I should turn this thing into a giant banana that can do none of that stuff instead”? That is weird. It just is. There is really no getting around that one. And the guy who made this thing…Steve Braithwaite…he managed to get himself in the Guinness Book of World Records for this one. And not even because of his clear insanity!

3 Angry Birds

I shouldn’t even have to say anything about this. I should just be able to leave the photo for you hear to think about on your own because this is clearly weird and while some of you might be Angry Birds nerds out there, I’m sure even you would not really want to be caught driving this thing. You might say that you would and this it would be so much fun, but when your family and friends actually see you driving it, I’m sure you will feel nothing but shame and regret. And if you don’t…then you have the same problem that the owner of this car has.

What is the craziest thing about this car though, that I can tell by looking at this photo is that it is actually in a race! With what seem to be normal cars! And it is actually ahead of at least three of them. That is something that boggles my mind. Wouldn’t that big gaping hole in the front of the thing make a decent amount of drag? And I seriously doubt that the ears and wings on the car do anything for the aerodynamics.

2 Monster Merc 220

Do you know what kind of car this is? I mean, sure, you know that it is a Mercedes of some sort. And if you read the entry header, you’ll know that it is a Merc 220. But do you know the year on this classy car? This machine is from 1961. And now it has all sorts of flowery art scratched into its paint job and its suspension has been jacked in order to make a monster Merc. I’m sorry but that is just more than a little weird in my opinion. I mean…I really do wonder what truck base they used to crank this car up but I also want to never really know. For several reasons. I mean, I don’t need to know what the base of this thing is to know that it’s too weird; it’s too much for this poor old Merc. And then there is the skull and crossbones license plate as if to try and make this thing look cooler than it already isn’t. I’m sorry, this might seem like a pretty simple entry with not a lot that is weird to it…but I really do think that this is weirder than people think it is. And I think it should be thought of as very weird…and maybe it is time to retire it…to a fire pit.

1 The Father’s Day Gift

Alright, in theory, I do understand and almost sort of enjoy this little cart. It seems as though it was constructed from either a go-kart or a golf caddie. Whatever the base of this weird thing is hardly what matters though. We’re just here to talk about the weirdness of these things. Now, I get the “guy” impulse to have your seat be a toilet so you don’t have to go anywhere while you drink beer out of the cooler behind you and go for a tour along the golf course or wherever you may be. And it is nice that there is an ample supply of toilet paper as well as a plunger in case of stuff not working out. But there is something inherently wrong here that I think people have skipped over. This is a two-seater…how drunk do you have to be from the beer behind each toilet seat for two people to have a movement next to each other on a cart like this? I’m sorry, but I really can’t get over that thought. It is not only a weird car but it is perhaps the weirdest of anything in this article, and that’s saying a lot. And what happens when one of the two guys has to plunge?